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I am the Director of Product Management for an independent software vendor in the Northern Virginia area. I operate according to a number of different principles (or systems of principles), including systems thinking, lean, lean startup, agile, economics, game theory, and interests vs. positions, as well as others.

My passion is helping individuals, teams, and whole companies improve their daily work, their projects, products, and lives. I achieve this by focusing on principles and circumstances on the ground rather than the mechanics or fad methodologies. I have deep understanding and experience in Lean, Total Quality Management, and Agile. I’m a firm believer in Lean Startup methodologies and love delivering new value to customers and users.

I strive to be an excellent manager by focusing on leadership and coaching rather than what is normally considered “managing”. I believe strongly in providing vision and sufficient guide rails and then letting people make good things happen.

I drive continuous improvement by providing thought leadership on critical issues, constantly reflecting on systems as a whole, constantly assimilating feedback, and empowering others to innovate. I excel at quickly analyzing and mastering very complex issues and then guiding others through digesting them in easy to understand and manageable forms.

I also love diving into a good Excel workbook for a couple hours 😉

You can find me on LinkedIn.